Novice Program 2016/17

Hi Guys,

It's almost that time again and we are preparing to kick off our 2016 Novice Program, and I'm are sure this year’s program will be just as inspiring and exciting as our previous programs.

We have some top class coaches lined up to help our newbies.

Our first information night was held on 6th September at 7.30pm, in the Kevin Hamilton Room, Tuggeranong Town Centre Viking Club, and we had a great turnout.

We are looking at a second information night, and I will let you know the details of that once it is confirmed. This year we intend to have a welcome to the club function for our new novice members. The details are not confirmed at the moment however 18 September is looking like the likely date. The aim is to welcome the new novices and introduce them to the coaches and other club members in a casual social setting. Any members who would like to come along and say hi would be more than welcome. Once I know more of the details I will let you know. Once the training gets under way, I will be calling for people to help at these sessions. We do have qualified coaches however as we know the more Vikings we can get along to help and lend support to the novices, the more fun and successful the session will be.

Well, that’s about it for this update. More information will follow, and I am looking forward to seeing as many Viking participate help our Novices become triathletes.


Tony 0429 010 543

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