Next Steps Program

This program is designed to get you across the gap between completing enticer/novice level triathlons and the Sprint distance of 750 m open water swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run. This is done by combining program specific coaching as well as encouraging you to utilise established club training sessions.

It will commence on TBA through to the target race of Elite Energy Sprint distance in Huskisson on February 16-18. Other races if you are not available for the Huskisson race or would like to compete in a local race such as Proximity Triathlon and/or Tri Canberra

Program commences


Program objectives

1. Athlete objective – to complete the Huskisson Sprint distance triathlon.

2. Coaches objective – developing coaches will have the opportunity to design and conduct specific lessons, as well as gain certification from those lessons.

3. Club level objective – introduce new and reintroduce returning club members to the coached club sessions.


While there are no performance benchmarks that need to be met, the following are good indicators that you are ready to undertake the program. You can do one or more of the following:
· swim 300 m non-stop in a pool

· cycle a flat 20 km course

· walk/jog a flat 5 km course

· completed an enticer / novice distance event

· demonstrate good spirit and comradeship.

· Must be a financial ‘Adult member’ of Vikings Tri and TA Membership Info

Program outline

The program is built around the club training and TBA specific skill development sessions
Depending on your availability, the training program will be between 6-8 sessions per week. Six sessions per week can be sufficient to complete the program.

SwimmingMonday AM and/or Thursday PM 1 hour – club session.

There will be a couple of other swimming events specific to this program – open water as well as competing in the TACT aquathon events.

Cycling Saturday morning 2 hours building up to 3 hours. This session will be supported by coaches and/or club members and will be structured. The ride program will be tailored to help athletes eventually complete 40-50 km comfortably over varied terrains.

Running Tuesday club speed session and Sunday morning run session
The training will be varied as the program progresses, and it will build up to brick sessions using the 5 km parkrun in conjunction with a 20 km ride.

Program cost

There is no extra cost for the program besides club/TA membership, pool entry, and race entries etc.


TACT aquathlon events

Sprint Distance at:

Big Husky Tri

Proximity Triathlon

Tri Canberra



Kristen Asher (coordinator) and the Vikings Club Coaches