Mitchell’s Glass Novice Program

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Mitchell's Glass proudly sponsor the novice program.

Completing the first Triathlon is a blast.

Learn cycling skills from mounting and dismounting, pack riding and other essentials.

Open water swim skills.
Often overcoming the fear of open water is a triathletes biggest accomplishment.

Swim technique from absolute basics to turning and rolling around markers.

Gain confidence in the road and meet life long friends.

Canberra has some fantastic novice training facilities for those not accustomed to open water swimming.

Have you ever wanted to try triathlon or just improve your fitness but don't know where to start?

Regardless of your current fitness level or sporting abilities, this program is a friendly and welcoming way of getting started in the sport of triathlon or simply to improve your fitness.


Summary of the program:

Program:  Vikings Triathlon Novice Program 2021/22 Tri Season

Duration:  8 Week program of coaching and introduction to the four disciplines of triathlon – swimming, cycling, running, and transition.

Dates:  TBA / October to November 2021

Information Day: TBA

Registration: CLOSED

Program Coordinator:  TBA

Further Info:;   email:

The novice program will cost TBA plus the entry fees for any races - paid for by the individual. For more information on these events, please visit the Triathlon ACT novice program website for the costs of events.

Included in the program cost is:

  • Membership of the Vikings Triathlon Club
  • Membership of Triathlon ACT
  • Membership of Triathlon Australia
  • Insurance
  • Club merchandise
  • Information sessions
  • Plus fabulous coaching from our experienced team of certified coaches.


As part of the novice program, you will become a Triathlon ACT (TACT) and Triathlon Australia (TA) member.

What are the benefits of being a TACT/TA member?

Your TACT/TA membership will bring you a wide range of benefits including (but not only):

  • Insurance while training and racing.
  • You will not have to pay for a one-day membership when entering events.
  • Discount rates with our sponsors
  • Eligibility for awards at the end of the season

For more information, please check the membership benefits page.

How to register.

Online registration is CLOSED

Vikings Group memberships

Before joining the Vikings Triathlon club, we strongly encourage you to become a member of the Vikings Club Group.

1 Year Memberships or renewals are only $8.00, which entitles you access to all four Vikings Venues! Just visit any club reception, Erindale, Chisholm, Town Centre, Lanyon or fill out the membership form online and you can join for only $8.00! All the details are on the Vikings Group website.

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Swim, Ride, Run - Triathlon Is For Everyone!