Viking Biking Series 2020/21

Round 1
Time Trial 1 - TBA
Hill climb 1 - TBA

Round 2
Time Trial 2 - TBA
Hill climb 2 - TBA

All events start at 8am so mark them in your diaries.  I recognise that there may be other events that clash with these dates, but for better or for worse these look best.

The Time Trial will be held on the Tidbinbilla Road near the intersection with Point Hut Road.  It is a 5km out and back course (total 10k).

The Hill Climb starts at Casuarina Sands and finishes at the top of Mt Stromlo.  It is approximately 11k and is challenging but achievable – and you have a couple of weeks to get some training in.
For people new to riding with the club this year, this series allows you to have a bit of fun and pretend that you are actually a big time cyclist.  As well as that it provides a good marker to compare your performances at the start and finish of the season.  It’s also fun to actually see the other club members racing and try and work out who will win the overall prizes.  Over the last couple of years there have only been seconds between our top contenders.

There is no charge to enter the events.

The club provides some very cool handmade trophies to the first three men and women, and they are very keenly sought after. I mean, how many times in your life are you going to be a Viking Biking champion?

To win, you need to be a financial member of the club, have the lowest aggregate time over all four events, and you must complete all four events.  Can’t do all four events, come along to the ones you can do.
That’s about it for now. More info about logistics etc will come out closer to the events.

See ya out there!


Viking Biking Series - Overall Champions

Year Men Women
2011/12 Not Conducted Not Conducted
2012/13 Simon Tennent No one completed all 4 events
2013/14 Scott Leighton Rebecca McRae
2014/15 No one completed all 4 events Maggie Welfare
2015/2016 Gavin McIntyre Maggie Welfare

Club Champions from 2011/12
Overall club champions have the lowest combined time across four events – the TT and Hill Climb are held twice per season (only the fastest times for that season are displayed)

Viking Biking Series Fastest Results Tidbinbilla Time Trial

Tidbinbilla Road Time Trial        
Year Men Time Women Time
2011/12 Simon Tennent 16:10 Katy Whiting 18:49
2012/13 Simon Tennent 15:52 Karen Daniels 21:33
2013/14 Scott Leighton 16:01 Beth Bowen 18:19
2014/15 Scott Leighton 16:35 Shona Hutchinson 17:19
2015/16 Wayne Corlis 15:23 Maggie Welfare 17:55

Fastest in the land

Viking Biking Series Fastest Results Casuarina - Mt Stromlo Hill Climb

Casuarina - Mt Stromlo Hill Climb        
Year Men Time Women Time
2011/12 Not Conducted Not Conducted
2012/13 Simon Tennent 27:09 Susan Quan Wing 36:40
2013/14 Scott Leighton 26:21 Jackie Haggar 33:52
2014/15 Wayne Corlis 26:41 Maggie Welfare 32:48
2015/16 Ross Beatty 28:03 Maggie Welfare 31.13