Weekly newsletter – 23 May 2016


Congratulations to Wayne Corlis, also known as Wayno who competed at the Port Stephens Elite Energy triathlon last weekend.  It was his last hit out before his journey to Ironman Cains in a few weeks. By his own admission he didn’t break any records but in competing he took out the NSW Tri Series points score for 2015/16. Great effort Wayno!



Along with our Annual presentation night is our Annual Awards. Please take the time to nominate a deserving member in their respective category.

Hello Vikings members,

It is time to turn our attention to celebrating the wonderful achievements of our club members. Every member in their own way has achieved success this year, be it simply improving their training times or achieving an outstanding race result or PB. However, each year the club does like to recognise those members who have not only achieved a personal milestone but have also inspired their fellow club members.

So you are being asked to nominate members for a series of awards for the 2015-16 season. Nominations are now open and will close on SUNDAY 29 MAY.  View our Nominations Survey to submit your nominations.

The award categories are included on the nominations entry page. Only current members are eligible for prizes and only current members can submit nominations. After nominations have been received a finalist list of eligible nominations will be generated by members to vote on.

All awards will be presented at our annual dinner on 18 June. Make sure you take this opportunity to celebrate the achievements of your friends and fellow members.

Vikings Triathlon Club Committee


Tickets are now available to our Premiere event of the year through RegisterNow for $35 per person.  This covers a 3 course meal, music and the venue decorations. Ticket sales will remain open until a week prior to the event on Saturday 18 June, as we have to confirm numbers for catering. What is needed now is for Vikings Triathlon Club members to jump on line and secure your tickets.  Guaranteed to be a great night.  Theme: “Heroes and Villains”. Click on the following link to secure your tickets.https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=21034

Sri Chinmoy Canberra Trail Run Series

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team is delighted to announce the Sri Chinmoy Canberra Trail Run Series. With some of the best trails of any city anywhere, we felt it was time to dedicate a Winter series to one of our greatest joys – running in the bush around Canberra.

Race 1: 29 May “Cotter Canter” 5km & 10km
Race 2: 26 June “Tuggeranong Trot” 8km & 20km
Race 3: 17 July “Gungahlin Gallop” 10km & 30km

The Series will explore trails on the fringe of Canberra – west, south and north. With shorter and longer distance options at each event, and distances increasing with each race, the Series is the perfect introduction to Trail Running and ideal preparation for the Sri Chinmoy Canberra Trail Ultra in September.


Our Major Sponsor, The Vikings Group is involved in the Resolution Run Series event and as we are an affiliation with the Club it would great if we could show the rest of the affiliated clubs how we do it best and support this event by entering.  Plus it is for Men’s Health.

The Vikings Group are again proud to be involved with the Resolution Run Series Events in Tuggeranong. The third instalment of the Resolution Run Series will be held on Sunday, 24 July 2016 and will be taking place around Lake Tuggeranong to raise funds and awareness for men’s health.

There is an event to suit everyone, ranging from a 700m kids dash, 7km walk, 3km run, 7km run, 14km run and for the first time, a half-marathon (21km) has been introduced to the suite of events. What better opportunity to get moving and to support men’s health.

Entry Fee inclusions:

  • Entry to the race
  • Race bib
  • Marked course
  • Staffed course with water station
  • Entry into the lucky draw
  • Water bottle
  • Choice of fruit
  • Finishers Token
  • E-Certificate

Head to the website and register now – http://resolutionrunseries.com.au/
Note: When you register at the end of the registration information there is a button to Select Team, click on the down arrow, find our team name Vikings Triathlon Club and add the password: ironman


All Club Training Information is on our website, for up to date club training – coached and un-coached sessions.


This Sunday being the 29 May is the 5th Sunday of the month the run is at Cooleman Ridge – meet at the dirt car park just before the first houses in Fisher Namatjira Drive, Fisher. It’s a good idea to check on Facebook if you intend going and make sure other people are going. Numbers will be limited this Sunday as many members are running in the Sri Chinmoy trail run.

Interesting cycling articles from coach Kerrie

Hill Climbing: Technique or Power?
Hill climbing is an art and what works for one doesn’t work for others. It all comes down to power to weight ratio and technique. You are in control of the power to weight issue. Doing hill reps and strength work will help but if you don’t look at your weight you will end up pushing that unneeded love up hill.

There is an old saying. “standing uses up too much energy”. Forget that, if you are efficient at this then do it. Some people can climb far better out of the saddle. But if you have the strength in the legs and lower back sitting is good. Cadence is very personal as well. You might not have the fitness and technique to spin up a hill so a lower cadence will suit. Practice is what is needed and don’t be afraid to try different techniques as this is what the winter is for.

Standing Technique: When standing most people stand straight up keeping their pelvis directly over the bottom bracket. What happens here is when your pedal gets down to the bottom of the pedal stroke you have a dead spot as all your weight is directly above. Move your pelvis forward; straighten your elbows slightly so you are standing higher. This will bring you into a position where it feels like you are going to knee your handle bar. Once this is achieved you will find that dead spot disappears and you can sweep across the bottom of the pedal stroke. Remember keep your body centre line in line with your handle bar stem. Keep upper body still, move the bike thru your wrists flexing. Don’t grip the bar!

Hill Climbing: Power to Weight ratio
Work on getting aerobic endurance. Long intervals, big gear, low heart rate. The more power and less weight you have equals more speed going uphill. Sure there is an element of skill in gear selection and body position but the basics are the heavier you are the slower you go up.

Doing a good structured hill climbing program is worth doing. Mix it up with long and short hill along with high and low cadence.  Take a good look at the gear you are using. A lot of riders will chop down the gears when they first hit the base of the hill. Their cadence goes up to the desired revs but they have suddenly dropped 5kph. Don’t change down too soon, practice this in training and watch as people fall off your back wheel going up a hill.

A couple of good sessions is 6 to 8 x 5min climbs. Each working just above your anaerobic threshold. Rest on the descent (3mins).

Another good one is the same hill but start with a 20 sec sprint at the base of the hill. This will lift your Heart rate into your V02 intensity. You then have to hang on for the top of the hill. Slightly more rest on these. 6 to 8 minutes.

The final one is find a hill about 2 to 3 km long with a gradient of a cat 3 or 4. Put it in a large gear and do seated repeats of 5min to 8 minutes long. Your cadence will get as low as 55 to 60rpm. Keep doing repeats until you have a 10% drop of in time or speed, stop the session. You descent is your rest. Before attempting these make sure you have a good base in your legs.


The next course will be a Development Coach Course which will be held on the weekend of the 6th and 7th August 2016. If you are interested, please contact Craig Johns at director@act.triathlon.org.au. More information can be found on the TACT website. If you are interested this course can be subsidised by the club. Please speak to a committee member regarding subsidies.

Tuggeranong parkrun – by Scott Marshall

Results for parkrunday 21 May – Only a small number of Vikings had their parkrun fix this weekend, 6 at Tuggeranong parkrun and Sue at Traralgon parkrun. No PB’s were achieved, Gavin with daughter Lilly in tow came close to a PW ambling across the finish line in a little over 1 hour and 7 minutes!

Regular readers will know that Canberra is poised to have a number of new parkruns starting up. 18 June sees the 4th parkrun in the region with the start of the Burley Griffin parkrun. The run is at Weston Park, starting and finishing near the newly refurbished miniature railway and café. It is an out and back course, running along the path out towards the park entrance. Following the path from the start, the lake will remain on your left until you meet the turn-around point – then head back the same way you came.

Tuggeranong parkrun event #169, 279 parkrunners
41 Tony MCCORMACK, 63 Scott MARSHALL 128 Alison HALE, 187 Fiona JOHNSTONE, 203 Dean JAMES, 276 Gavin MCINTYRE.

Traralgon parkrun event #61, 175 parkrunners
58 Suzanne WIRKEN.

Don’t forget your barcode #dfyb. And remember to hand back your finish token too!

Volunteers are important for the parkrun to go smoothly. If you are having a rest day or have time please consider volunteering.

Vikings Triathlon Club is the largest club on the Tuggeranong parkrun list with 133 parkrunners! Club list. You can view all our members who have done the parkrun on their website. Vikings Club history. To have your name added to our list above, go to the details page on the parkrun and add your club.

The parkrun is free – yep, it costs nothing! It is aimed at all types of runners and walkers, from juniors and first timers to Olympians and nonagenarians. Please register before your first run, and you only ever register with parkrun once. Then remember to take a printed copy of your barcode to any of the more than 167 Australian, or more than 800 parkruns worldwide.

Motivational quote No 19


Scene: It’s so dark outside, it could as easily be 1am as 5:30am The neighborhood dogs haven’t started barking, nor are the kookaburras laughing. It’s just dark  – and now, as you lie there wondering, you detect a wind blowing. Not from the direction of your snoring partner, but outside. Now that the alarm has gone off and, only seven hours ago you were so determined to leap out of bed at 5.30 and head off into a cold, windy pre-dawn morning. What were you thinking!? Or in my case, I am the snoring partner and he can hardly wait for me to get out training so he has a peaceful couple of hours sleep! Hee hee… Anyway, I (Karen) digress!…
Join a group to tough out some of your winter training sessions. My training buddies are the one’s helping me get out and train over the winter. It’s a great incentive if you’re meeting with others when you’re looking at gloomy skies outside. And my hubby says ‘thanks’ too!
Have a great week!

Karen and DJ.