Weekly Newsletter – 6 June 2016


Congratulations to Brian Weiss who competed in the 2016 Aviles ITU Duathlon World Championships in Spain on 5th June. Brian placed 15th in the 55-59 AG, 2:24:11 for 10km run, 40km cycle and 5km run.

All the best goes to Scott Leighton and Wayne Corlis who will compete in the 2016 Cairns Airport IRONMAN on Sunday 12 June. Scott’s number #1103 and Wayno’s number #858 so you can follow them on the live tracker. Have we missed anyone? Send us an email or contact us via Facebook.

Have a great race, Ross Beatty and Tony Leach who are team ResultZ Racing in the Mountain Designs GeoQuest 48hr, Australia’s premier adventure race. It involves 48+hrs of non-stop endurance racing in the major disciplines of trekking, mountain biking and kayaking. Their team bio is interesting and if you want to know more this amazing adventure race go to the GeoQuest website. Have fun out there Ross and Tony!

TACT Awards Night – Friday 17 June 2016

Vikings have eight finalists who have been nominated in the major TACT awards as well as a number of Vikings receiving point score awards. It would be great to see lots of Vikings attending on the night to cheer on our finalists and winners.

Point Score Winners are on the TACT website. Overall Point Score will be announced at the TACT Annual Awards.

Tickets for the awards night are still available on the TACT website.

Good luck to the eight Viking finalists who have been nominated in the major TACT Awards:

Darren Luskey Award for Ironman Achievement

  • Catherine Fullford (Vikings)
  • Geoff Hawke (Vikings)

Rachel Baker Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in Triathlon

  • Kerrie Muir (Vikings)

Simon Thompson Award for Most Outstanding Performance by a Junior

  • Lauren Elliott (Vikings)

Volunteer of the Year

  • Rod Harrod (Vikings)

Novice of the Year

  • Luke Lowes (Vikings)
  • Emma Parker (Vikings)

Technical Official of the Year

  • Maureen Bronjes (Vikings)

Annual Presentation Night – 18th June

Tickets are now available to our Premiere event of the year through RegisterNow for $35 per person. This covers a 3 course meal, music and the venue decorations. Ticket sales will remain open until a week prior to the event on Saturday 18 June, as we have to confirm numbers for catering. What is needed now is for Vikings Triathlon Club members to jump on line and secure your tickets. Guaranteed to be a great night. Theme: “Heroes and Villains”. Click on the following link to secure your tickets. https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=21034

Annual Membership Renewal

Please be reminded that your annual membership will renew on the 1 July 2016.

All members now have the opportunity to update their membership details prior to renewal. Within your membership portal you can set your auto renew tab, update your credit card details or make any changes to your membership selection. To view the 2016/17 membership fees and to log into your membership portal please click here.

Sri Chinmoy Canberra Trail Run Series – Race 2: 26 June

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team is delighted to announce the Sri Chinmoy Canberra Trail Run Series. With some of the best trails of any city anywhere, we felt it was time to dedicate a Winter series to one of our greatest joys – running in the bush around Canberra.

Race 2: 26 June “Tuggeranong Trot” 8km & 20km
Race 3: 17 July “Gungahlin Gallop” 10km & 30km

The Series will explore trails on the fringe of Canberra – west, south and north. With shorter and longer distance options at each event, and distances increasing with each race, the Series is the perfect introduction to Trail Running and ideal preparation for the Sri Chinmoy Canberra Trail Ultra in September.

Resolution Run Series – 24 July

Our Major Sponsor, The Vikings Group is involved in the Resolution Run Series event and as we are an affiliation with the Club it would great if we could show the rest of the affiliated clubs how we do it best and support this event by entering.  Plus it is for Men’s Health.

The Vikings Group are again proud to be involved with the Resolution Run Series Events in Tuggeranong. The third instalment of the Resolution Run Series will be held on Sunday, 24 July 2016 and will be taking place around Lake Tuggeranong to raise funds and awareness for men’s health.

There is an event to suit everyone, ranging from a 700m kids dash, 7km walk, 3km run, 7km run, 14km run and for the first time, a half-marathon (21km) has been introduced to the suite of events. What better opportunity to get moving and to support men’s health.

Entry Fee inclusions:

  • Entry to the race
  • Race bib
  • Marked course
  • Staffed course with water station
  • Entry into the lucky draw
  • Water bottle
  • Choice of fruit
  • Finishers Token
  • E-Certificate

Head to the website and register now – http://resolutionrunseries.com.au/
Note: When you register at the end of the registration information there is a button to Select Team, click on the down arrow, find our team name Vikings Triathlon Club and add the password: ironman

Club Training

All Club Training Information is on our website, for up to date club training – coached and un-coached sessions.

Sunday Run – 8am

This Sunday being the 12 June is the 2nd Sunday of the month the run is Mt Taylor/Farrer Ridge – meet in the dirt parking area on Sulwood near Mannheim St Kambah. It’s a good idea to check on Facebook if you intend going and make sure other people are going. This is a non-coached run.


– by Kerrie Muir
Whether you encounter hills in training or on the race course, fighting gravity can quickly become an epic struggle both mentally and physically. However, running hills doesn’t have to ruin your workout or race. By maintaining proper form and executing a smart strategy as you run up and over them, you can actually turn hill running into a strength you can capitalize on. Running uphill and downhill require some slight tweaks to your form to maximize your power and efficiency as well as provide you much needed oxygen. Many magazines and training partners will give you pointers on proper form, but it’s important you are able to properly visualize the tips, or you could end up doing more harm than good.

Running Uphill

(1) The most critical element is that you keep your chest up and open. The most common advice you might have received is to “lean into the hill”. Unfortunately, this causes many runners to hunch at the waist to lean forward. This constricts your airway and makes it harder to breathe deeply. You do need to lean forward, but make sure you lean at the hips, not the waist.

(2) Keep your head and eyes up, looking about 30 meters in front of you. Dropping your head restricts how much oxygen you can take in and will cause you to slouch. Likewise, drive your arms straight forward and back and use them as pistons. Your arms should form a 90-degree angle at the elbow, and swing straight back and forth, not across your body (however if you have had a running technique assessment then your coach may have you cross over slightly – listen to your technique coach).

(3) Focus on driving your knee off the hill, not into the hill like you might do if you maintained your normal knee drive. Work on landing on the ball of your foot to spring up the hill.

(4) Plantar flex your foot at the ankle – plantar flexion is when you point your toes towards the ground. Think of yourself exploding off your ankle and using that last bit of power to propel you up the hill with minimal energy expenditure. Focusing on plantar flexion can save you a lot of energy and really help you get up the hill faster and with less energy.

(5) Increase your feet cadence rather than trying to stride up the hill. Increasing your cadence takes practice. The safest way to increase your cadence is to increase it by 5% to 10 % at a time.

Downhill Running 

(1) Just like when running uphill, you want to have a slight lean forward at the hips to take advantage of the downhill. Don’t overdo the lean, you just need a slight tilt to benefit from gravity.  Keep your arms relaxed and only slightly moving forward and back. Don’t flail them to the sides, this will waste energy. Likewise, keep your head up and your eyes looking forward.

(2) You want to land with your foot either right beneath your torso or just slightly in front of your pelvis, depending on the grade of the downhill (the steeper the grade, the more likely your foot is to land out in front). Extending your leg too much will cause you to land on your heel, which will act like a breaking motion. Focus on landing towards your midfoot to maintain speed while staying in control.

(3) Your stride length should naturally be extended when running downhill. However, you shouldn’t need to consciously increase your stride length. The pace and the grade of the hill will do this naturally for you.

Development Coach Course – 6–7th August

The next course will be a Development Coach Course which will be held on the weekend of the 6th and 7th August 2016. If you are interested, please contact Craig Johns at director@act.triathlon.org.au for more details.  If you are interested this course can be subsidised by the club. Please speak to a committee member regarding subsidies.

Tuggeranong parkrun

– by Scott Marshall

Results for parkrunday 4 June – Rain? Nah, it wasn’t that bad! OK, maybe it was that bad, in fact, it was one of the wettest Tuggeranong parkruns so far! Not surprising it was also one of the smallest attendances for quite some time too, with only 6 hardy (or foolhardy) Vikings out parkrunning in the rain (with at least two other Vikings or ex Vikings spotted). But we are triathletes, and triathletes start their races in the water, it’s just not quite so normal to finish our races in the water – except of course for the 2014/15 season, but that’s another story!

After freezing last week as a volunteer Luke came back strong in the wet chopping another 12 seconds off his PB, his fifth PB from 15 runs.

Aussie parkrunners keep setting new age records for parkrun. We have the oldest male and female parkrunners to achieve 100 runs. Now we have the youngest identical twins to crack 100 runs. Kids can only register as a parkrunner from their fourth birthday on. So at 6 years, 2 months and 27 days old, Alfie and Boaz from Newcastle now hold this record, and to top it off in that time they have managed to do volunteer duties a few times each.

All this week’s Tuggeranong results are on the parkrun website.

Tuggeranong parkrun event #171, 133 parkrunners
37 Scott MARSHALL, 38 Tony MCCORMACK, 46 Humphrey JAMES, 82 Luke LOWES, 94 Geoff WILLIAMS, 106 Tanya ALSTON.

Don’t forget your barcode #dfyb. And remember to hand back your finish token too!

Volunteers are important for the parkrun to go smoothly. If you are having a rest day or have time please consider volunteering.

Vikings Triathlon Club is the largest club on the Tuggeranong parkrun list with 133 parkrunners! Club list. You can view all our members who have completed a parkrun on their website. Vikings Club history. To have your name added to our list above, go to the details page on the parkrun and add your club.

The parkrun is free – yep, it costs nothing! It is aimed at all types of runners and walkers, from juniors and first timers to Olympians and nonagenarians. Please register before your first run, and you only ever register with parkrun once. Then remember to take a printed copy of your barcode to any of the more than 167 Australian, or more than 800 parkruns worldwide.

Motivational quote No 21


A quote from a reliable source and excellent as an Ironman mantra! (So we have heard).

Well it certainly was a wet weekend. Congratulations all the athletes who braved the weather and trained outdoors while the rest of us trained indoors. An interesting fact is the average runner has a cadence of about 150-170spm. History shows Haile Gebrselassie running 197spm en route to his world record time of 2:03:59 at the 2008 Berlin Marathon, and Abebe Bikila used a 217spm to become the first man to run a 2:12 marathon (2:12:13, Tokyo 1964).  That should give some of us a goal so see you out there.

Have a great week!

Karen and DJ.